Neverland: Ostriches and my little miniature pony

Some people travel to Paris, Rome, or Hong Kong.  Us? Oh, we go to Buellton, Ca.

Even the most dangerous animals can be trained and/or tamed, like a tiger, bear, or unicorn.  But guess what? No one can tame an ostrich. These domesticated terror birds are just as wild at Ostrich Land USA as they are in Africa. I mean, don’t even think about petting one cause it’ll attack with a kick from its powerful legs.  Here’s your dog food in a dustpan, I’m peacing out.

And that, ladies and gentlebirds, how we started our spent our NYE vacation.

But, the fun doesn’t stop there.  I know, you’re thinking, I’ve crossed the number one item off of my bucket list (Ostrich Land USA), I’m pooped.  I need a nap.  Let’s call it a day, life can’t possibly get any better.  But, it did.

Just a short trip up the road we stopped at Quicksilver Park and Miniature Pony Farm.  I’ll like to take a moment to remind you we do not have any of our own, nor were we traveling with any children.


Who we are and why we’re here

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we’re Luke and Katy, the cutest newlyweds you ever did see.

We originally met in college, tolerated each other as we worked together on the student newspaper, and eventually went our separate ways.  Fast-forward three years to an unlikely date at Starbucks and we managed to turn a previously non-existent romance into a hotbed of hilarity and passion.  Katy agreed to make an honest man out of Luke and officially took him off the market in October of 2009.

By day we hold down regular jobs that pay the bills—Luke in radio and Katy in marketing—but come the weekend we find ourselves touring California, taking us as far as our 2003 Honda Civic will allow.

If you ask someone what they’re doing for the weekend, it’s typical to hear, “Oh, nothing” or “I dunno yet” or “probably just gonna hang out.”  But if you ask us, we might tell you, “we’ve got tickets to the circus” or “we’re going to Outdoor World,” or “attending a lesbian wedding.”  All in the same weekend.

And here we are, ready to document our expeditions into the wild, weird, and wonderful.  Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, but that’s how we like it.


Modesto, Ca