Neverland: Ostriches and my little miniature pony

Some people travel to Paris, Rome, or Hong Kong.  Us? Oh, we go to Buellton, Ca.

Even the most dangerous animals can be trained and/or tamed, like a tiger, bear, or unicorn.  But guess what? No one can tame an ostrich. These domesticated terror birds are just as wild at Ostrich Land USA as they are in Africa. I mean, don’t even think about petting one cause it’ll attack with a kick from its powerful legs.  Here’s your dog food in a dustpan, I’m peacing out.

And that, ladies and gentlebirds, how we started our spent our NYE vacation.

But, the fun doesn’t stop there.  I know, you’re thinking, I’ve crossed the number one item off of my bucket list (Ostrich Land USA), I’m pooped.  I need a nap.  Let’s call it a day, life can’t possibly get any better.  But, it did.

Just a short trip up the road we stopped at Quicksilver Park and Miniature Pony Farm.  I’ll like to take a moment to remind you we do not have any of our own, nor were we traveling with any children.


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